Tube & Pipe Deburring

PLC Series

Single & Double End Manual or Auto Load Machines

PLC-500 Series
Production Chamfering Machine

  • Auto Cycle
  • Rock Solid “Clam Shell” O.D. grip vise
  • Optional CMT face form tools or adjustable carbide insert tooling
  • Full PLC motion control
  • Eight speed or electronic
    vari-spindle drive
  • Operator friendly with
    Touch Screen control
  • Wide range capacity:
    3/16” - 5” diameter

PLC-500 Auto View

PLC 500 Auto-3P

  • “Clam Shell” O.D. vise shown
  • Extra heavy duty spindle & BRG’s for heavy cuts
  • Mist coolant compatible base

Rear view
PLC controls

Front view

Carbide inset: tooling I.D.,O.D., & face

Front view

PLC-450 Series
Production Chamfering Machine
  • Adjustable, auto self centering O.D. grip vise (+.062" tol. range)
  • Linear bearing spindle
  • Full PLC motion
  • Operator friendly with Touch Screen control
  • Capacity 1” - 4.5” diameter
  • Auto “self centering” O.D. grip vise shown
  • Linear spindle guides

PLC 450 - 2X VHD Auto-HP Machine

Front view of single-end machine

PLC 450 V-Auto-5HP

Rear view

Front view

  • Auto self-centering O.D. grip vise (+.062" range tolerance)
  • 1”- 4.5" diameter capacity
Easy access to tooling

PLC-450 Series Double End Chamfering Machine
with Magazine Loading & Discharge
Production Chamfering Machine
450 Two Head
PLC-450 Series
Double End Production Chamfering Machine
  • Auto stock and discharge
    to magazines
  • Auto self centering vise (+.062" tolerance range)
  • Full PLC motion controls
  • 5HP gear drive
  • Electronic adjustable speed drive
  • Linear spindle bearing guides
  • Wide range 1" - 4.5" diameter stock
  • Jam-proof stock stops

Center Robot Motions:
1. Picks up tube from input rack on far side
2. Swings tube up to spindle center line
3. Translates tube to left hand machine for auto chamfering
4. Translates tube to right hand machine for auto chamfering
5. Returns to home position
6. Discharges finished tube to near side rack
7. Picks up new tube from input rack
PLC 450 - 2X VHD Auto-5HP Machine
450 Two Head

Tube stock shown in “home” position on spindle center line, ready to load for auto chamfering
450 Two head 450 Two head back side

Tube discharging to output rack from home position
Center robot feeding stock to
right-hand machine with
nonmarring Q-Change grippers

450 Two head back side
450 Two head back side 450 Two head back side

PLC Controls

Front view

Rear view