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Frank E. Jamerson, Ph.D.
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Fifth Edition, May 19, 2000
Published for Use of and Circulation in Rabbit Tool U.S.A.

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Table of Contents
1. Executive Summary
2. Worldwide Market Assessment
3. Electric Bike Marketing - New Approaches in the U.S.A.
4. Worldwide Activities
5. Electric Bike Companies Worldwide
6. Electric Scooter Companies / Products
7. Electric Bike Products
8. Battery and Motor Technology
9. Electric Bike Regulations Worldwide
10. Electric Cycle Association
11. TransGlide 2000
12. 2000 Solar Bike Races
13. Technical Definitions / Currency Exchange
14. Authors / Contributors / Acknowledgements
This is the fifth Edition of Electric Bikes Worldwide. Earlier editions reviewed Electric Bikes exhibited at: 1995 Cologne Intercycle Fair for Cycles, 1996 China International Bicycle Exhibition and the Anaheim International Bicycle Exposition. This fifth edition includes contributions from colleagues who attended EB exhibitions at major bicycle shows in China, Germany, Taiwan and the United States in 1999 and 2000 prior to this edition being printed.

Motor Technology
Motors for EBs continue to evolve from manufacturers designing them specifically for the EB rather than using motors designed for other applications. Hub motors, where the motor is positioned in the wheel’s hub, is becoming the motor of choice in China. Japanese producers favor direct drive systems with the motor located near the drive sprocket and coupled to it by a gear set. Sanyo is the only Japanese producer to offer hub motors. The rest are all Direct Current (DC) systems and most use powerful Neodymium-Iron-Boron (NdFeB or Rare Earth Magnet REM) type magnets that are 10 times stronger than ceramic magnets. This magnet allows the motor design to be smaller with lower weight than a ceramic magnet motor. Another approach to lighter, more compact motor design is with a brushless AC design, by Rabbit Tool U.S.A.

Hub motors are found on E-Bikes and direct drive motors are generally found on Pedelecs. The Pedelec incorporates a sensor that detects the initial pedal action of the rider, this engages the motor with motor effort and pedal effort designed to be equal. Motor power is applied up to a top speed of 15 to 20 kph, then it is reduced to zero at a higher speed which results from strong pedaling. This limits the top motor powered speed of the Pedelec to what regulations require. Japan and Europe have similar regulations for Pedelecs. Pedelec motors in Japan are rated at 200-250W while hub motors on China E-Bikes are at 100-200W. United States E-Bikes have motors rated at 400W for higher top speed (20 mph vs. 12 mph or 33 kph vs 20 kph) and better acceleration performance.

U.S. Motor Companies
Rabbit Tool U.S.A., of Rock Island, Illinois, exhibited a newly patented hub motor at the 1999 CABDA show and the “2000 Future Car Congress” in Washington, DC. This 24V, 3-Phase AC, 95% efficient brushless hub motor-generator has throttle controlled regenerative braking fully as efficient as the motor drive. Digital controlled and powered by 9Ah rechargeable (2 hours standard) NiMH D-cell batteries, it is rated at 250W. The DC battery voltage is converted by a DC to AC converter integrated into the motor controller. Weighing only 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs) with a maximum diameter of 9.9 cm (4.5 inch), it is oil cooled and quiet. Its high speed NdFeb permanent magnet motor is internally gear reduced 11:1 for high torque-low speed of the wheel. Fitting a standard 130 mm wide mountain bike frame with a single speed freewheel, this modular wheel system has a list price of about $500, including battery and controller, and is available now. (Figure 8.7 and 8.8)