Sanyo Agreement
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RABBIT TOOL USA, INC. has licensed SANYO of JAPAN to be WORLDWIDE co-producer of the 500W Series technology. SANYO is in full production at their motor factory in China. E-Bikes & Kits formally went on sale 1 MAR '03 to the public. RABBIT TOOL USA will be importing these products for sale, but will also be manufacturing its own version of this promising technology. SANYO formally introduced the first of these products at the NOV '02 TOKYO Bike Show and plans to exhibit them at the upcoming SHANGHAI Bike Show in APRIL '03.
left: Old technology right: New technology
Tokyo Bike Show Exhibit
Nov. '02
Electric Bicycles with
front wheel hub motors.
The First
Sanyo Product
Inventor & wife with Senior SANYO managers.
Front Wheel Hub Motor - Generator
with Full Regenerative Braking.
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Hub assembly
Sanyo Motor Features:

1. Pedelec or POW
(Power on Demand - aka throttle versions)

2. 250w Pedelec version to meet
Japanese European regulations.

3. Regenerative braking.

4. Super Quiet.

5. NiMH powered.

6. Neo pier mount magnets.

7. Front wheel drive.

8. No cogging - Easy to pedal witout power.

9. Light weight 2.38kg (5.25lbs).

10. 1 Year warranty.

11. OEM pricing.