24 Volt Series
Battery Packs
F Cells
D Cells
C Cells
Newly Re-Designed #900 Series
#900-24F x 13
with all welded contacts
#890 - 36D x 9
New Six Pack Style with intergral mounting brackets
For 9AHr D-Cells & 13.5AHR F-Cells
#880 - 36M x 20
for 18 & 36 Volt system
20 AHr M Cells

less intergral mounting clamp option.
#885 - 24D x 20
for 12 & 24 Volt system
20 AHr M Cells
less intergral mounting clamp option.
#327 - 12 x 20
Gatlin style waterbottle battery
4/3 A-Cell size
High performance NiMH Battery Packs

We call these battery packs 'High Performance" because by being individually fitted into close fitting thin wall parallel aluminum tubes, they can dissipate heat more effectively and therefore can safely handle higher rates of charging and discharging than other arrangements. Also, for the same reason, our batteries are encased in high temperature paper wrapping, as plastic shrink wrap will melt at high charge & discharge rates.

Pack Cell Replacement Service

Ultimately all battery packs fail and typically only a cell or two is involved. With our battery packs you can sense and locate which cell is going bad by touch sensing the outside of the aluminum tubes as the bad one will typically have a higher or lower temperature than the others. If you send the pack back to the factory, for a nominal charge, we will replace that cell, extending the life of the original pack and lower your battery costs.

Universal Mounting

Prewired and precharged with ANDERSON connectors and universal threaded attachment points, these totally enclosed and vented lightweight units may be mounted in virtually any position, anywhere including hidden inside your backpack.

Custom Private Labeling Welcome

For our valued OEM customers, we offer custom laser marking private label engraving for a nominal charge of $2.00 per unit plus a $25.00 set up fee. Custom logos are no problem and are welcome, please consult factory.

Quick, Friendly Service

Normally we can ship your order within one week; We accept all major credit cards.

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