#500W Series System Accessories
UPS-able Shipping Crate, Reusable with Wheels, P/N 800 for Dahon folding Bicycles, 14" x 28" x 35"
We designed this heavy-duty, reusable, UPS-able, shipping crate to take advantage of the EX-Bikes' small folded size as we think that you need a custom designed, bland looking, properly padded, box to protect to protect it from the shipping elements and the attention of would-be thieves, preferably with strap-on wheels so that it can be easily & unobtrusively wheeled thru hotel lobbies and airports or down elevators. Towards this end, we created this low cost UPS-able box with strap-on wheels, that with reasonable care can be reused several times and will protect and can be used to store your investment. Using its integral mailing pouch, you can easily preship the EX-Bike to your vacation or business destination, and without tools, pop it out of the box, unfold it and go.
IMPORTANT: When ordering one of our Dahon Demonstration Machines (Item #1, from the pricelist), you will also need to order:

A) either Item 3 - NiMH Smart (2 Hr.) Q-Charger OR Item 4 - Solar Charger (2 Hr.).

B) Item 5 - UPS-able Shipping Crate AND

C) Item 6 - Motor Relube Gun

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