#500W Series System Accessories
S-CHARGER with case & plug -its solar!
(Photo to come.....)
This self contained S-CHARGER (solar recharger) is designed to free you from fossil fuel dependence and or the utility grid. It can turn your EX-Bike into a miniature 24 Volt personal electric utility, to power not only the EX-Bike for transportation, but also for lighting, TVs, radios, computers, phones, etc., at your campsite, boat, RV or for emergency home use. In this design, we packaged two 12 Volt solar panels into a 24 Volt system that is shaped like & functions like a portable brief case; to use it, merely open it up, plug it into the battery pack and place it in the sun. In bright sunlight, it can recharge your battery pack almost as fast as the utility connected Smart Q-charger. Like the Smart Q-Charger, it has its own custom designed electronic control circuit tailored to safely recharge our 24 Volt NiMH battery packs. Never ever use any other solar cell system to recharge these battery pack's as others will not have our custom designed electronic controller and you will literally fry your battery pack;
failure to heed this warning will instantly void all warranties, will likely destroy your battery pack, the controller and possibly cause bodily injury & property damage as well as possible fire and explosion.
Briefcase shown: Open Solar Cells exposed
IMPORTANT: When ordering one of our Dahon Demonstration Machines (Item #1, from the pricelist), you will also need to order:

A) either Item 3 - NiMH Smart (2 Hr.) Q-Charger OR Item 4 - Solar Charger (2 Hr.).

B) Item 5 - UPS Collapsible Shipping Crate AND

C) Item 6 - Motor Relube Gun

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