#500W Series NiMH Battery Pack Options
In order to make life simpler and safer for you, we invented these bolt-on NiMH "Quad" and "Dual" style battery packs for different applications. These battery packs are designed to: 1) package the required number of cells in order to create the desired system voltage (24 Volts nominal in this case0; 2) provide a convenient, secure and safe way to mount them onto the vehicle; 3) integrate, connect and mount the controller, throttle, motor and recharging connection inputs to the batteries; 4) provide a means to air cool & electrically insulate the individual cells during rapid charging and discharging and 5) to protect the cells and unqualified personnel from each other. In order to this we spring load and assemble 5-10 cells unto a close-fitting, thin-walled, anodized aluminum tube that is permanently mechanically fastened to plastic end caps with integral plated terminals. These tubes are then assembled and wired together into "D" and "F" cell Quad or Dual packs as required with mounting brackets added to make them into durable light weight units. If one of our off-the-shelf mounting brackets are not suitable for your application, generally we can design and build you a custom set for a flat fee of $100.00

If you are not regularly using your vehicle, you must still fully recharge the pack at least once every 90 days or so, otherwise they will self discharge and die.

On properly maintained (recharged) packs, one or two cells over time will prove to be weaker than the rest, causing that string and whole pack to go bad. In the interest of promoting NiMH batteries and extending their economic life, on a trial basis we are offering 1) a core credit of $35.00 on used "D" cell packs and $50.00 on all "F" cell packs for $90.00, replacing individual dead cells with used but rechargeable cells from other used battery packs. Purists will decry this practice, but in our own tests we find that we can extend the life of the original remaining cells and lower the eventually unavoidable battery pack replacement costs. This offer is also more environmentally sound as we can better monitor final battery disposal and save you from these potential problems.

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