#500W Series Hub Motor Accessories
This little motor socket and cord set with molded strain relief and crimp-on plug doesn't look like much, but we spent eons of time and gobs of cash designing and perfecting it. It has to: 1) be easily, reliably and repeatedly connected and disconnected from the integral plug motor shaft, possibly in bad weather in the dark of night, in order to quickly dismount the wheel; 2) be an extremely compact right angle high current electrical connection; 3) be able to survive repeatedly being bumped, hit and twisted and 4) be able to operate coolly often at high current loadings in all types of weather. It does this and it is available in stock lengths of 5", 19" and 25"; custom lengths can be made to suit your application.
Our compact custom designed patent pending electronic controller with its integral plugs and heat sink is truly unique, as it is the only one anywhere featuring an infinity speed adjustable, precision closed-loop motor torque control with full regenerative braking of a three phase A.C. brushless sensorless motor-generator. The regenerative electric brake function is all weather and it can in most cases replace the mechanical brake. This masterpiece, invented and personally designed by one of the most famous and creative electronic designers in the U.S.A. just for our Electric Wheel, is truly hi-tech state of the art and is not only more powerful in the generator mode than the motoring mode, but it is also more efficient! It is exclusively match designed to work with our 500W Series Hub Motors & battery packs; attempting to use it with other motors or battery packs instantly voids all warranties and may well destroy it. However, should you manage to electronically "destroy" it by whatever means, we offer a service to fix all repairable units for a flat fee of $100 USD: we will, however, ask you how you did it.
Our unique patented (U.S.A. # 6,144,125 plus other pending) electronic throttle looks to be the picture of simplicity, and it is; but, we are embarressed to say how many complete redesigns, heaps of scrapped out protype parts and cold cash we spent perfecting this now simple reliable device. First of all, it clamps onto a standard 7/8" diameter bicycle or scooter handlebar and takes the place and position of the normally right side mounted derailleur twist grip. Basically, it is a torsion spring balanced two way twist grip device with an integral off switch at the home position, with multicolor smart LED's for operator information. After you have pedaled or pushed the vehicle (a unique safety feature of this design) up to 2-3 mph, turning the twist grip counter-clockwise accelerates the vehicle; releasing the grip allows the vehicle to coast and twist grip to return to its home position; turning the grip clockwise at any time, turns the hub motor into a generator and you get progressive regeneration or electric braking, efficiently putting energy back into the batteries. One nifty, but easily taken for granted feature of the design, is that actuating the electric brake at any time automatically shuts off the motoring as the hub motor-generator is either one or the other; it can not simultaneously be both, no matter what condition or age of the vehicle. When the motor device is a seperate structure from the braking device as in other designs, this safety feature cannot always be taken for granted as parts wear, maintenance is neglected and people forget to tend to it. Highly intuitive, this throttle is quickly mastered and appreciated by new riders as it eliminates the skills necessary to master gear shifing; one merely twists and goes or brakes; you don't even have to remember to turn it off, as even this is automatic. This throttle is specifically designed to be used only as part of our #500W System; any other use instantly voids our warranties and it is not recommended.
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